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Thread: Independent and work ready CIC and creative competition free to enter

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    Independent and work ready CIC and creative competition free to enter

    I just wanted to make people aware of the non for profit organisation Independent and Work Ready see aimed at helping those with disabilities with adult life and also share news of our creative competition for those with disabilities that is free to enter as many times as you like so makes a good self isolation activity. You can use art, drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, film, writing, poems. It is open to all abilities and is meant to just be fun but there will be prizes see

    Also if you would like to contribute in other ways to our site such as guest blogging about disability or recommendations for resources or links please email us from the website.

    Please help us share information on our competition! Thank you.
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    Just to let you know information about the creativity Product competition has recently been updated. If you have a disability we would really like to receive your entries, it is free.

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