Hi & hope everybody looking after themselves.

A question has arisen but cannot find definitive answer, so looking for somebody with more medical knowledge-doesn't have to specific to Covid 19, but viruses, as far as I understand!)

IF, as some are thinking and adamant, someone who has been victim/patient/suffered the affects & thinking they have had covid-19 & recovered, then they are considered immune (from what I have read), OK, fine. If, I have got this wrong, am sure will be corrected.

But, what about those, in same situation, but required antibiotics to get over chest/bronchial infection, as a result of covid 19 and have then recovered? Are they still considered immune? (at least against that particular strain of covid-19 as also understand that different strains can result in milder forms giving the idea that some are immune against the more virulent forms/strains).

Whenever I try and get any answer from any search engine, am directed and links listed purely to 'antibiotics don't work on viruses' or similar...Yes, now know this & that antibiotics only effective against bacteria.

Any views/answers are welcomed.