Hi All, Wondering if anybody in same situation or has been?! Also hope everybody is managing throught this.

As we had 10 days booked away, now received email from Ryanair cancelling outgoing flights and that we can request refund via that email. Also ask us to allow 20 days for refund to hit our account. You can probably guess our question as the email only refers to 'outgoing' flights!

I can probably guess we will get next email from Ryanair cancelling our return flights, in 10 days time.

Query is, and asking if anybody else in same boat with Ryanair, or other carrier, do we have to obtain refunds piecemeal, when we get these cancellation emails, or can we wait until next/final email and obtain refund for outgoing and return flights all in 1 refund payment from Ryanair?

(Will then have to tackle obtaining rest of holiday refund for payment of hotel/transfers/etc). Haven't heard anything from them & was under impression that as all was booked through 'lovholidays' that it would have been 1 simple refund from them & they have to obtain refund from airline! However, the only thing can think of why this hasn't happened, was that although it was all booked through lovholdiays, we did change times of outgoing and return flights. On this point, suppose question is, when is a package holiday, not a package holiday?

TY for reading and any help as ever is appreciated.