I have refrained from posting about this but the question comes to mind, how on earth is the over 70's self isolation going to be policed? Word is that it will be for at least 4 months stating within the next 20 days.
Us, in that age group, do have appointments like a chiropodist, much needed as most are unable to take care of their own feet.
Many of us have carers who are friends, how are we going to cope without them? Close contact is needed. Yes, care companies should provide their employees with protective clothing.

May sound silly but having ones hair cut.
I have a cleaner, if she didn't come the place would be filthy, a health issue in itself.
I also have private massages to try and keep me mobile, without them I would have to use a wheelchair

Can you imagine the impact on people who have mental health issues but are able to venture out for their own well being.

The implications of self isolation are far and wide. On and on it goes.

Yes I am in a high risk group regardless of age.