Retired soldier Jon Beck, 32 from Redhill, Surrey, has been able to leave QEF care and return home through the physiotherapeutic benefits of a leading Theraposture turning bed.


Lance Corporal Jon served in the Army for 12 years with active service around the world including Afghanistan, following which he set up his own tree surgery business. Jon maintained his fitness and army training so that he could remain a soldier reservist. Jon made a success of his new career until five years later when he experienced a fall which resulted in a life changing brain injury. He was in a coma for 18 months after falling from a tree and now lives with limited mobility and reduced cognitive abilities. Jon’s Rotoflex bed has played a major part in his rehabilitation and ongoing comfort.

His care pathway following discharge from Kings College Hospital involved residential care at the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) in Carshalton, South London. Jon was cared for by a specialist team that focused on rebuilding Jon’s abilities with a view to returning him back to the community. This therapy plan aimed to increase his mobility through enablement however it was more challenging than anticipated with a three-year programme ensuing. The introduction of a power-assisted rotating Rotoflex bed proved a turning point in Jon’s road to recovery.

At the QEF, Jon received full time care however he was determined to return back to his family home as soon as possible. His mother Sheila had purchased a new spacious house which was suitable for Jon’s needs and the family began the process of installing assistive equipment and adaptations. Once Jon had achieved a specific level of mobility and co-ordination he would be able to leave the QEF with the knowledge that support workers and his family could care for him. Improvements in his abilities were given a significant boost when his mother and Occupational Therapist suggested the use of a turning bed……

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