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Thread: Some Questions for All Wheelchair Users on youreable!

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    Some Questions for All Wheelchair Users on youreable!

    I'm doing an A Level project in which I'm attempting to design a product that enables those with limited mobility in wheelchairs to pick up objects from the ground with ease.

    If you are a wheelchair user it would be massively helpful if you could answer a few questions helping me with initial research.

    1. Do you live alone/have a carer/live with family or friends?
    2. What kind of objects do you tend to drop/struggle to retrieve?
    3. How do you currently deal with retrieving objects from the ground?
    4. Have you looked into existing products to solve this problem? If so, how effective are they?
    5. What requirements would a product helping you reach/pick up objects have to meet?
    6. How important are aesthetics to you in a product like this?
    7. How important is sustainability to you in a product like this?

    And any other comments or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you

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    There already are "grabbers" that exist, not only for chair users but the elderly and ppl who can't bend easily. Trouble is, they are limited. Example: I can pick up a grape because its light. A pill is probably too small for the claw part. It struggles to pick up something up that is flat - like post come thru the door. Heavy object can be too heavy - the weight is held by your grip at 3 ft arms length and is too much.

    As for your Q's
    1. with my partner
    2. everything
    3. i don't unless the grabber reaches it
    4. See the above
    5. That it worked, was lite and stored easSusily
    6. more important it WORKS
    7. sustainability is important if we're going to keep living on the planet.

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