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Thread: Questions for all wheelchair users!

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    Questions for all wheelchair users!

    I'm doing an A Level project in which I'm attempting to design a product that enables those with limited mobility in wheelchairs to pick up objects from the ground with ease.

    If you are a wheelchair user it would be massively helpful if you could answer a few questions helping me with initial research.

    1. Do you live alone/have a carer/live with family or friends?
    2. What kind of objects do you tend to drop/struggle to retrieve?
    3. How do you currently deal with retrieving objects from the ground?
    4. Have you looked into existing products to solve this problem? If so, how effective are they?
    5. What requirements would a product helping you reach/pick up objects have to meet?
    6. How important are aesthetics to you in a product like this?
    7. How important is sustainability to you in a product like this?

    And any other comments or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you

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    1. I live with my wife and supported by daily care.

    2. I find it hard to pick up mail from doormat and I tend to drop my phone, tv remote, and the most frustrating is my pens for colouring.

    3. If I drop something and I am in on my own they stay where they landed or my cat kindly puts it somewhere safe.

    4. I have tried a few grab sticks but little success as hands are weak.

    5. A design that fits secure into my hand so if I unintentionally open my hand I dont drop what I'm lifting, lightweight and foldable so it can go in my bag on my wheelchair.

    6. Looks are not that important but I would say the better looking to more inclined you would be to use it.

    7. Sustainability depends on costing, if it's more expensive than similar models then you would expect it to last longer.

    If I can help you in any other way drop me a msg.

    Kind regards
    Dean & Liz

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