Due to Army service I have no hearing in my left ear and very reduced hearing in my right ear so when so many programs are to tight fisted to input subtitles I had an Induction Loop to rely on. It was made up of a cushion with wiring inside it that hung on the back of my chair and from which a cable ran to the back of the TV where it connected via a Scart plug. All I had to do to bring sound from the TV directly into my ear was to switch my hearing aid to T.
Due to the compulsion of TV manufacturers to make TVs more and more complex there are now no TVs constructed with Scart connections as they now use HDMI plugs and sockets and of course the Induction Loop equipment is much more expensive than my old equipment which will not connect to the HDMI plugs or sockets even through the so called converter boxes that claim to do that job.
The large company where I bought the new TV from was as much use as the manufacturer when I asked them for advice on setting up the new TV with an Induction Loop and I will not name either for fear of them taking legal action.
I know that I need to buy a Digital Induction Loop but I have no idea which one and I am not very technical so I have no idea how to set a new one up so I have a question.
Does anyone know of a company or an organisation in the Oxford area that I could use to resolve my problem?