You are probably all aware that the Managed Migration to UC is having a pilot phase in Harrogate with no more than 10,000 claimants to be Managed Migrated during the pilot.

There were some eyebrows raised about if there would even be 10,000 people to migrate in Harrogate.

Well it's been running for six months now and guess how many have been Managed Migrated in the pilot so far?

According to Will Quince, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for DWP, speaking on 27th January:
'around 13' With another 80 somewhere in the process.

At 13 every six months it would take 384 years just to do the rest of the 10,000 pilot, never mind everyone else.
(They currently estimate there will be about 3 million to be Managed Migrated).

Even if they do the other 80 before the pilot ends how can they get any meaningful experience/results from less than 100 cases?

It would also be interesting to know just which benefit(s) those 13 have been migrated from. (and what the other 80 are claiming at the moment).
Migrating Working Tax Credits claimants, or JSA claimants is not going to tell them much about migrating ESA claimants.