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Thread: Improving the festival experience for people with disabilities!

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    Improving the festival experience for people with disabilities!

    Hello there,

    I am a 3rd year product design student at UWE in bristol. For my final year project i have been looking at how the festival experience can be improved. More specifically this project is aimed to people with mobility issues and are wheelchair users.

    I would be very grateful if there was anyone who could possibly answer the following questions as my primary research is detrimental to gaining some key insights and opportunities.

    I would like to know if any one has been to a music festival and if so what were your experiences?

    If you haven't then are there any particular reasons for not?

    Even if you havent considered going to a music festival what are your thoughts on going?

    I would particularly be interested to know what sort of requirements would be needed at festivals and events to cater for any needs or are there any particular barriers you feel you may face which deter you from going to festival.

    The reason why I am doing this research is due to the fact that music generally being outside is a great way to enjoy the summer and I believe that all people should be able to enjoy this and design needs to be inclusive and not exclusive as I feel design for people with disabilities has been exclusive but also segregated, this can be evident at current music festivals. This should not be the case.

    I would be vey grateful for any replies.



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    Would dearly love to get out and about to festivals of all kinds, but if you need a wheelchair or mobility scooter forget it. Most of these vehicles are next to useless on uneven terrane and if it rained you would be stuck in a bog!! The problem is mosr promoters etc are only interested in one thing and thats spondoolees. They wouldn't entertain the idea of making these things wheelchair accessible because it would cost too much money to lay suitable flooring for access.

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    But thats what i am trying to overcome, as i have found through lots of research organisers do use other companies like 'GAMA' and 'Attitude is Everything' to make their festivals and venues more accessible but the problem is that rain does pose a huge threat, however if this is to be overcome then there is the need to convince users to come to such events. Maybe you can help me further.

    What other specific needs are needed by wheelchair users or by disabled people on a daily basis for example in a festival situation? also if you dont mind me asking do use a wheelchair yourself? and if so what type is it that you use?
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    Many years ago, before I became ill, I went to Glastonbury. One of the wet ones! One of the people working there - iirc he was in charge of a lot of the backstage organisations - was a wheelchair user. But, clearly, he ws used to muddy festivals. He had the most incredible looking 4x4 wheelchair I've ever seen. I appreciate it may be cost prohibitive, but being able to hire one of those at a reasonable rate would certainly open up a festival ...

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