Hi All, Help needed before my head explodes after booking few days away but flying with Ryanair and just downloaded their app and reading check in and boarding pass rules/regs on their website and added costs incurred if not followed! When booking I already knew about luggage and booked 20 kilo hold bag (both flights) when booking break, but didn't realise a couple of other points. Hopefully somebody here can confirm my thoughts, if there are persons who have flown with them.

If it helps we fly at end of April (manchester to faro) and at the moment we cannot yet check in online or download/print boarding passes (we have only done this once before when we went to Amsterdam for few days but that was with Easyjet and due to lateness of booking we were able to print off all documents including boarding passes, even though we had them on the Easyjet app on mobile phone).

However, am I correct in thinking the following with Ryanair:

To do all free/ without further cost, I cannot check in online until 48 hrs prior to departure and would then have to print off boarding passes once I have checked in online?
Doing it this way (at no further cost) is obviously possible, but my head will not allow me to take this option. I need all to be done weeks before I and my wife fly. So, the only way around this from the information of their website is, as they put it 'for convenience and peace of mind, customers can check-in for flights 60 days in advance of both departure flights by purchasing a seat'.

So, this means either wait, pay nothing and panic by leaving everything until 48 hrs prior to departure flight, or purchase seats (cheapest currently are 7) for 28.00, then check in online which will then enable us to print boarding passes. Hopefully I have understood this and would be grateful for confirmation.

If this is the only way of having all necessary documentation in hard copy form I dont mind adding 28 to cost of break overall as it is not such a bad deal, pricewise.

Hoping a more experienced traveller than we can help with above and any added advice they can give regarding Ryanair (apart from try not to fly with them next time!) Many thanks.