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Thread: Flying with Ryanair-Help!

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    Hi Beau, So, so grateful for your detailed and valuable reply. (I have also jsut found out that, and don't know why didn't even think of it before, but will put that down to 'stress & frustration' of Ryanair, but on twitter I DM'ed Ryanair, not expecting a reply on Sunday, but they have confirmed everything. I will copy twitter chat at end of this post for your and others information, who may find themselves asking same question. What further amazed me was that it was a real person replying and not their 'chatbot'!

    I will try, even though it has been confirmed by Ryanair, checking in and printing both outward and return flight boarding passes &, like you we do take copies of this documentation. However, 1 area you beat us hands down is where you take copies of 'script and passport. An absolute golden idea which we will do from now on and for the reasons you state. Can I just say, I do not think you are being overcautious at all, just common sense and logic, when you think about it.

    As you know, it has been over decade since we travelled abroad. Major reason for this is that we had opportunity of using a static caravan near borders of Scotland, pretty much whenever we wanted for past 10 years. Recently had to give this up due to travel (it was not a short/easy journey) and time taken to recover both once there and return home, not just for us but the owners as well. The days spent there, not on a caravan park, but on a working farm which had part of the land converted into caravan park (no club/pub/kids amenities as such save couple of sets of swings) which was literally on the edge the cliff on their land and all we could see was cliff edge and north sea!

    We have made so many memories. Another chapter of our lives now beckons with new grandson on the scene! Anyway, I digress. Should say only reason why it is important we go to Portugal, again is for previous memories for my wife & I. Before I copy chat I had with Ryanair, just want to again thank you massively for the time you have taken, putting my mind at rest and taking some of the stress off my shoulders. I really hope you enjoy your imminent holiday and we may well pass each other on that beach or in that hotel (without knowing it) sometime in the future! I am sure you are looking forward to it, as much as we are ours. Take care and thank you so much again, from my wife and I.

    What follows is the chat I had with Ryanair, via direct messages, on Twitter:

    Hi, Will be 1st time flyer with Ryanair and due to the new 60 day or 48 hr check in and board pass regulations, as I cannot leave matters until last minute, we have now purchase seats! The reason why I have done this is, due to my understanding of Ryanair website, until I have purchased seats I will not be able to check in 'early' and therefore not be able to print off boarding passes (as I say, I cannot leave things until as late as 48 hrs prior to flights & need something tangible, paper documents if you will, in my hand, weeks before we fly, not hours).
    So, am I right in now thinking that as I have now bought seats, when check in opens on 20th February, I will now be able to check in and then also print off boarding passes for outbound flight and return flight for my wife and I?
    For sake of completeness, we are away for 10 days and would also like confirmation that we will now be able to print off boarding passes for return flight, here in UK, before we actually go, on 20th April?
    Many thanks for confirmation & any further advice that can be offered.'

    'Hi S, when you buy seats you can do the check in whenever you want. Without the seats is when you need to wait to the last 48 hours, but when seats you can do it whenever you want ????'

    'Wow, Many thanks for immediate response :-) Right, so I have this clear, (check in not open yet until 20 Feb) on 20th Feb, when check in opens, I can check in and also print outgoing and return boarding passes at same time, even though we are away for 10 days? So grateful if you can confirm this for me-massively put my mind at rest (& as I have said elsewhere, the added 4 x 7 per seat-2 outgoing and 2 return-the extra 28.00 is not a massive amount overall due to actual cost of break-it is bloody reasonable!). TY again.'

    'Yes, that's it ????' Copy of DM ends.

    I hope this helps others who find themselves in this situation...failing that, hope that Beau is on hand :-)

    Cheers Beau.

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    So pleased I could help you.

    I must admit I am a seasoned traveller, this will be the 6th time in 12 months. Now packing them in because I have got to the age and with my disabilities and pre existing health conditions where affordable insurance is in question. I take a years out and it cost me getting on for 500 last year. Luckily just renewed again from March for about the same so another years travel to be had if my health holds up. I can understand the high premiums because I am high risk.
    I am actually living my dream at the moment, always wanted to travel but never envisaged I would be able to. Now I have seen places that in the past were just a dream.

    Luckily I have a supportive husband who lets me go whenever I want and helps with the cost.
    Suppose we should be saving that money but why, we may as well spend it and enjoy it. Hubby hates the sun and isn't bothered, he would much rather stay at home with our little very elderly girl. (dog in case you were wondering)

    Wishing you many years of enjoyable travelling.

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