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Thread: Forum improved a lot

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    Forum improved a lot

    It's been years since I visited this forum because I couldn't read posts. I even closed my account (biscuitgazer, iirc) because it was so annoying. As well as the adverts which took up most of the screen space, all my previous phones had this or that problem with displaying, logging in etc. etc., but at last I have a phone which can manage it. And no adverts taking more space than the posts!

    I came back to this forum with a question yesterday and am so glad I did. It is much easier than my brief visits over the last couple of years were. I can no longer manage a full size screen so I'm only using a phone now, except for a few tasks to do with my wheelchair. Now with the better phone and the better forum I hope to be a more active member.

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    Welcome back.

    You are lucky you didn't come back last month, we had an issue with spam - but they have just had a shake up with the moderation and things are much better now.

    I use an ad-blocker addon for my Firefox browser on both my laptop and my phone.
    It blocks advertising on almost every website, definitely on this one.
    Addons are available for Chrome and chrome based browsers as well.
    There are a limited number available for EDGE, there may be more when EDGE officially changes to Chrome based starting later this week.
    If you are not seeing ads on this forum then you probably already have one.

    There are various ones to choose from - I use AdBlock, but AdblockPlus, Ublock Origin, and Ghostery are other good popular ones.

    I also use Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension, available for Firefox and Chrome. That not only blocks ads but a host of malicious websites and malware too. It's a real-time AntiVirus/AntiMalware just for your browser, and it's Free.
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    Have to give credit where it's due.
    I have criticized the lack of moderation on here which was killing the forum, in fact I have wondered why there wasn't more competition out there as it hasn't been pleasant to log into.
    However, improvements have been made which I hope will continue so thank you Admin and please keep up the good work!
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