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Thread: Thanks Moderator(s) - Keep it up.

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    As an indication of what moderators can be up against.

    I've just had to clean up a spambot attack on another forum that I mod.

    104 spam posts from the same username, plus another 87 that got moderated by the automatic filters.
    All posted in a 1-1/2 hour period, that's about one every 30 seconds (which is what the flood control for new threads is set to there).

    Took me 15 mins to remove everything, but if I hadn't caught it and stopped it then it could have been much worse.
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    First week A1, second week last logged in around 19:35 Friday, when I logged in to check on Monday at 9:15 am , almost two weeks since, however the junk has
    remained null and void so far!
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    Hi ASI Industries,

    As mentioned, our dlfteam account is used to moderate the forum mainly during 'office hours'. We use another Admin account at other times, including weekends to moderate the forum. If dlfteam has not been online for a period of a time, it does not mean the forum is being ignored and not moderated.

    Best wishes

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