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Thread: powered wheelchair into car.

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    powered wheelchair into car.

    At the moment my wife uses a mobility scooter for getting about which I lift manually in and out of our people carrier, she gets a powered wheelchair on friday off NHS wheelchair services and I heard they are quite heavy, was thinking of getting some of these from machine mart ,, and driving up the wheelchair into my fiat ulysee, advice, pitfalls etc please.

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    powered wheelchair into car

    You might find it useful to talk to a reputable manufacturer of such equipment to find out more about their safe use.
    The two companies below are members of BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and both manufacture and supply
    such equipment.

    Portaramp tel. 01953 68 17 99
    Unwin tel. 01935 82 77 40

    Ricability ( a charity that tests and compares equipment for the disabled and elderly) have also issued advice;

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    Thanks, I will look at these links.

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    Yes do get advice, I use a powerchair and mine is NHS very sturdie brute and I had to change cars to a specific wheel chair carrier the back doesnt fold down on most and very difficult to get in/out of car if not in chair. Jeanna

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