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Thread: (leave me) Alone for Christmas. - A rant.

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    (leave me) Alone for Christmas. - A rant.

    I hope everyone is well and enjoys their Christmas and New Year, whether on their own or with a crowd.

    Does anybody else get fed up with being told that you shouldn't, indeed musn't, be on your own at Christmas?
    (I'm just watching another one on BBC breakfast news trying to tell me just that).

    They can't seem to understand that 'on your own' is not the same as 'lonely'.

    I quite enjoy being on my own at Christmas.
    I can do what I want when I want, eat what I want when I want, drink what I want, watch what I want to watch on telly, etc.
    If I want to socialise I can go to the pub for a drink or two. (I do realise that not everyone can do that).

    I don't want to sit about (on a plastic chair at a plastic table) with a bunch of strangers.
    I don't want to be fed dried out turkey with cold gravy and cold vegatables. (Boiled to death and with no seasoning because that might upset some dietary requirements).
    I don't want to be forced to be 'Jolly', singing insipid childish songs and playing stupid games.
    It all seems like practice for being in an instution.

    If that is something that you would like then fair enough.
    If you would like someone to come round and visit you at home for a while then fair enough.
    If you would like to visit someone else's home, maybe invited for dinner then fair enough.

    But please don't try to force me to join in with what you think I should be doing when it's not what I want.
    And don't try to make me feel guilty, or even inadequate, for prefering to be on my own.

    Also - Whilst some like the Salvation Army work year round, where are these other Christmas 'do gooders' for the rest of the year?
    Do I suspect they are doing the 'Christmas Charity thing' just so that they can feel good about themselves? - Yes I suspect many of them are.

    It's The Good King Wenceslas syndrome - Give the peasants leftovers (supermarket out-of-dates from the foodbank) at Christmas, you've then done your bit and can forget about them for the rest of the year.

    To paraphrase and old RSPAC advert:
    We are old/disabled for life, not just for Christmas.
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