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Thread: Working after ill health retirement

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    Working after ill health retirement

    !st time on the forum so apologies if I cock up.

    I was given ill health retirement in Sept 2009 (After a ouple of years of bad Multiple Sclerosis episodes). I didnt request it. Occ Health decided that ill health retirement was the only option. I havent had any relapses since retiring & in fact I feel better today than ever.

    I am 40 years old and want to work (Finding a job may well be another nightmare) can anyone advise where would that put my ill health retirement pension ............ Hope someone can help shed a light.


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    It depends what type of medical early retirement package you took out. You'll need to look on their website to double check the rules.

    There probably will be some clauses in your pension about going back to work. They wouldn't want to stop you from working if you feel up to it but there will be a maximum number of hours eg no more than 30.

    It might also be frowned upon if you went back to the same place of work where they run the pension scheme you are drawing.

    At 40 you've still got a few miles left on the clock - finding part time work may be easier than you think. Decide what you want to do and 'skill-up' so you have the right experience using current software if it involves computers.

    Use a temp agency to find you work - forget trying to find a full time job as they are few and far between.

    If you are aware of the disabling barriers you face then self refer to Access to Work for support.

    If you need to ask anything at all - feel free to say as I'm sure either I or any other member can help support you to find your potential.

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