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Thread: Esa reduction......

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    Esa reduction......

    I have been awarded enhance d care with standard mobility on Pip. Before the letter telling me of my award, I got letter telling me of my esa rate from December. It was approx £2 per month less that what I was getting. There was no deductions on the letter. I get contribution based esa.
    This morning my OH noticed his esa has been reduced by £8 per month. He gets Income related esa. Has had noletter telling him it was being reduced.
    I thought Pip didn't affect benefits?...... Is there another reason?

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    The PIP award should have no effect to change you ESA. (But I'm not sure if you had PIP Daily Living before?).

    I would suspect that this may have something to do with the situation with your pension(s) that you asked about some time ago.

    The only way to be sure is to phone ESA (two seperate calls, one for each ESA award?) and ask them for explanations of the reductions.
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