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Thread: What's going on with this site!!

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    vb is getting a bit long in the tooth, but I have to say that I much pefer the moderation options on vb than I do on Invision and other 'more modern' software.

    I guess it all comes down to just what type of forum you want, and how automatic you want moderation decisions to be.

    I'd trust a person over a programme anytime.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Well thanks for all the replies to my post and Nuke as usual trying to change things. Found replies interesting sounds like a few still having hard time with benefit changes that's happening and unable to get the great advice this site used to be able to share. Hopefully things will change. Hope you can all get some peace this christmas and the new year will be better for all x

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    spambot attack

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    Hello from New Zealand,

    My name is Albert and I have been working as a Junior cleaner Assistant in a company that provides services about swimming pool cleaning. I donít know if Mentioning the company is allowed or not. LOL.

    I found one of the thread of this forum on google last night and I really like the way you guy helped each other. I feels like I also should make an account here, maybe I can help somebody. Or at least get some updated information about swimming pool cleaning.

    Looking forward to get warm welcome from you. ?


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    I don't get to come on much these days but it's a mess on here!!
    Admin don't deserve to have any members!
    Sea Queen

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    i wonder how much fake money is in the UK as you can print it / buy it off many web sites and people are selling it in the streets. this is a little different but a few years ago i decided to see how many of the pound coins i had were fake. out of about 30 coins almost all of them were fakes according to the internet.

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    Bump above the spam so we don't lose the thread

    Hope everyone is coping well with this xmas thing & no spending all their time reading the spam

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    Does anyone report the posts?

    I've not been doing it but I can soon start to if that would help? Perhaps getting a few hundred reported posts by a few people every day would smack em in the face with the spam so to speak

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    I always report those spam posts that are disrupting genuine threads.
    To report each spam thread individually would take far too long.

    I think any reporting falls on deaf ears.

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    Maybe if we started reporting every single one they will have hundreds of reported posts to wade through.....they might feel as fed up as us then

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