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Thread: Who's your Scrooge of 2012?

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    Question Who's your Scrooge of 2012?

    If you could pick out someone over the year who you think is the biggest Scrooge of 2012 then who would it be?

    For me one of my votes must go to scrooge I.D.S who with only a few days to Christmas yet again issued another scathing attack on those claiming welfare benefits including those trying to find jobs. (wonder if every night he puts on his scrooges cap and dreams of all the devious and dastardly things he can do to those claiming benefits!)

    My other scrooge vote has to go to Osbourne who has constantly cut, cut and cut welfare benefits while taking care of his rich people.

    The question is who will you pick as a scrooge of 2012?

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    George Osbourne.

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    All those big corporations who dodged billions in tax.
    Funnily we use the term scrooge in this sense but in the end scrooge came good, now that would be a great Christmas.

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    Gordon Brown and his successors for spending all the money we had, borrowing more, then doing one to leave the country in such a state the poorest and most deserving in our society get hit along with the workshy and chancers.

    Oh, and I nominate Gordon Brown again for taking his MP's salary and huge expenses from the tax payer then doing very little (almost nothing) for it since he stopped being PM.

    George Osbourne is merely a pillock and IDS a dangerous idiot snob full of his own self importance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTCELT88 View Post
    George Osbourne.
    George Osbourne, same here

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    I'm the Scrooge of 2013 - heating what heating

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