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Thread: Community legal advice web site closing

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    A copy of an email I received at my workplace for your info.

    The Community Legal Advice website is closing

    From the 6 April 2011, access to Community Legal Advice (CLA) online services will change as the website closes.

    Information about legal aid and how to access CLA services, including the legal adviser directory and the eligibility calculator will be moving to Directgov. Directgov is the government website for members of the public that has information about government services all in one place.

    This change is part of a cross-government initiative to reduce the number of government websites making it easier and simpler for people to find the information they need.

    The CLA telephone service remains unchanged (0845 345 4 345) and BSL users will still be able to access legal advice via webcam through the RAD website.

    What is moving on to Directgov?

    There is now a dedicated section about legal aid on Directgov under the government, citizens and rights section.

    To find advice on specific subjects such as debt, employment, housing etc. the search function on the directgov website will take people to the relevant content. These pages then include links to other websites where people can find more information.

    Information about CLA and some of the key tools from the CLA website are in the process of being moved to directgov so the changes listed below will not be live until 6 April when the CLA website closes. This is an advance warning of the new links so you can update them on 6 April.

    * Eligibility calculator – this will be moved onto Directgov from 6 April. The link to go there directly will be
    * The legal adviser directory - this will be moved onto Directgov from 6 April. The link to go there directly will be
    * ‘Call me back’ form for the CLA helpline – this will sit on the Directgov website from 6 April. You will be able to access this through our page on the Directgov directory

    Anyone using the current CLA website address from 6 April will see a page that says information on CLA is now on Directgov.

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    The way the legal aid is going if your a millionaire your OK, if your poor on benefits you have had it.

    A few years ago i applied for legal aid won it it was the same time the people from Enron was given £35 million each.

    I then had my legal aid stopped they said it did not cost enough so could be paid back in small amounts, it came to £2500 but it does make you wonder.

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    Sound Off For Justice - Against the proposed cuts to Legal Aid

    Sound Off For Justice is a campaign that’s focused on getting the public to place pressure on the government to reconsider the proposed reforms to Legal Aid, which are ill-conceived and unfair.

    The planned cuts would mean over half a million people each year facing real legal issues will find themselves unrepresented and ultimately ‘silenced in court’.

    Join the fight to protect your right to legal aid and justice. Sound Off For Justice. Don’t be silenced in court

    Since the government proposed the cuts, the Law Society has campaigned tirelessly to defend the right to be heard in court. The right to defend oneself or right a wrong has been a cornerstone of British life for hundreds of years.

    The Law Society has been meeting with the Ministry of Justice, lobbying MPs and taking advice from specialist solicitors to prepare its response to the government proposals.

    The Law Society is now asking the public to join its campaign and will continue to make noise around the proposed cuts until MPs cast their vote on legislation.

    The proposed cuts will take £350 million out of the Legal Aid budget. Key areas including medical negligence and family issues such as divorce will be taken out of scope, meaning that even the most deserving cases will no longer have access to Legal Aid.

    Sound Off For Justice is calling on individuals and organisations to show support by signing up to its Principles of Justice and Representation:

    1. The right to legal representation is a fundamental principle of a civilised society and is a cornerstone of our way of life.

    2. No one should be denied legal help because they cannot afford it.

    3. Everyone should be entitled to challenge the decisions of public authorities, institutions and big business and receive the help to do so. Access to justice needs to be both fair and efficient with the system free of waste, unnecessary bureaucracy and expenditure.

    4. The courts, their officers, suppliers and contractors have a duty to manage the judicial process with fairness and efficiency.

    5. The state has a right to recoup money from those who misuse the system.

    Legal Aid was established in 1949 to protect the public from wrongdoing by the government, businesses, institutions or anyone else. The current proposed cuts will leave many unrepresented, effectively silencing half a million people with real legal issues every year. Join the fight to protect your right to legal aid and justice. Sound Off For Justice. Don't be silenced in court. Find out more at or find us on Twitter @soundoffjustice and Facebook
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    Totally agree......

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    Really great information! Agree with SoundOffForJustice...

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