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Thread: Amazon Alexa - A Boon For the Disabled

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    Amazon Alexa - A Boon For the Disabled

    I confess there is another woman in my life, but my wife does not mind a bit.
    I mean “Alexa”.
    I have just a basic Echo Dot device and she never lets me forget my medication time , with preset reminders . She will also play any radio station, tell me how to spell words if I have a mental block, read a news bulletin, she is a mine of information. It is a personal assistant so you can tailor it to your needs and interests.
    We recently added a smart plug for the standard lamp, and that is great . It saves me risking a fall to turn it on in the mornings.... I do it through Alexa.

    NB . There are some good ‘Black Friday ‘ deals this week.

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    It also listens to your conversations for 'keywords' so that it can target you for advertising and any other nefarious and profit-making use they want to put it to.

    I would never have such a device in my house. There are many other ways to remind you to take medication and most stereo systems and radios etc. have remote controls.

    Don't let me scare you though - smart phones do it, as do computers and iPad type tablets etc.

    I like my privacy and will continue to wear my tin foil hat.

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    It only listens for its " wake word", Alexa, so it can respond. Personally I think security fears are overblown. I have not noticed any targeted advertising from it.
    I do not bother with communication through it . NB . I am not trying to sell them ! ..... just pointing out how helpful it is now I am disabled .

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