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Thread: My newcomer question

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    My newcomer question

    I have a question regarding the use of type 3 power wheelchairs and medication.
    My current medication makes me very sleepy and I sleep very easily and my judgment is problematic, can anyone tell me the laws about using my electric wheelchair and drinking drug.

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    You can be charged for being drunk in charge of a wheelchair, under a Victorian law. - But not under current drink driving law.

    It's the same Victorian law that they use for drunk in charge of a carriage, steam engine, bicycle, a horse, and oddly a cow.
    Most of that old law has been repealed by some parts of it still remain in force.

    A wheelchair (powered or manual) ora mobility scooter is classed as a 'carriage'.
    Drunken people in wheelchairs have been arrested and prosecuted using this old law.

    They would have trouble imposing a ban though, because of the equalities act (it would be the equivalent of banning a convicted drunk driver from walking), but a fine or even a prison sentence is possible under that old law.

    You would probably get away with prescribed medication, because that old law only covers being 'Drunk'.
    But if you are that badly impaired by the meds then for your own, and others, safety you should be out and about in your chair.
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