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    Hello! The last two mattresses I have had have gone mouldy on the underside of the mattress, plus mould had grown on the wooden slats of the bed. 1 latex and 1 was 100% wool. The 100% wool one developed this mould last winter very quickly. I have bought a replacement latex mattress - though it is wrapped in cotton with a layer of wool between the latex and cover. Im obviously keen for my new mattress to remain mould free and dry, I feel the issue is the following: I'm bed bound due to a chronic illness so using the mattress 24/7. Due to symptoms I think my body radiates a lot of heat and I think the differential temp between the wooden slats and the warm mattress causes a layer of condensation over time is turning to mould?? The mattress company couldn't help. Does anyone here have any other useful tips please?? An idea I had was to put a small fan heater underneath the bed and give an occasional blast of heat to the underside of the mattress and the slats?? I can't tolerate the central heating on for very long periods due to illness reactions, so this may also be a contributing factor, I do ventilate the room well. thank you very much in advance.
    BTW I have to have latex mattresses due to chronic electrical sensitivities, meaning I can't have metal in a mattress.
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    If you live in the UK and aren’t using central heating at this time of year then that is your answer. Switch it on 24/7 and turn it down slightly if you find it too hot..
    Sorry to sound harsh but if you haven’t got the heating on then no wonder you are getting mould.
    Keep the doors open to allow free flow of air and ventilate regularly by opening windows for a short time each day.

    I live in Scotland and my heating is on 24/7 from the end of September to March. I never have these issues and I also spend a lot of time in bed due to chronic illness.

    My late step mother was always hot as part of her illness. My Dad had the central heating on all the time and my step mother had a portable plug in fan.
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