We had been on the council waiting list.they finally admitted the chances of them getting a house for us
would be almost zero within the next 3 years.To be honest far from being angry Im glad they were honest.
We found a private rented house (very long term) its perfect

My brother and myself both suffer from the same Genetic illness so we live in the same house etc
both on DLA/SDA

the rent on this house is 495.PCM when we saw the council forms it looks like theres a shortfall of 38.00 a month
when I tried to speak to them they mentioned a 13th payment and assured me the rent was being paid in full (even though we have to add that per month) owing to the nature of my illness its started to affect my speech quite badly
so as the conversation was ending the lady from the council basically said I should get someone to act on my behalf because I had made myself look silly not understanding the 13th payment.I wont lie its upset me greatly

Then today in the post I got a council tax demand for 167.00 again It was this same lady on the phone and basically told
me to stop phoning everytime something came in the mail "ignore everything until all the forms are processed".
My old social worker was amazing she handled so much.I dont know whats changed the new one as soon as you mention anything benefit/council tax related totally switches off and rattles off helpline numbers to phone.

basically I was just wondering does this 13 payment sound correct please? and does that sound correct about ignoring various demands etc.im very confused at the moment.