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Thread: Did David Cameron Really Say This:

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    Exclamation Did David Cameron Really Say This:

    “We are raising more money for the rich“

    Edward Miliband:
    I must say, I have heard everything when the boy from the Bullingdon club lectures people on bullying. Absolutely extraordinary. Have you wrecked a restaurant recently?The Prime Minister does not want to talk about the facts, but let us give him another one. He is hitting working families, and the richest people in our society will get a massive tax cut next April—an average of £107,000 each for people earning over £1 million. Is he the only person left in the country who cannot see the fundamental injustice of giving huge tax cuts to the richest while punishing those in work on the lowest pay?

    The Prime Minister:
    The tax take for the richest under this Government will be higher in every year than it was for any year when the right hon. Gentleman was in government. He has obviously got a short memory, because I explained to him last week that under his plans for the 50p tax rate, millionaires paid £7 billion less in tax than they did previously. The point of raising taxes is to pay for public services. We are raising more money for the rich, but where he is really so profoundly wrong is in the choice that he has decided to make. The facts are these: over the last five years, people in work have seen their incomes go up by 10%, and people out of work have seen their incomes go up by 20%. At a time when people accept a pay freeze we should not be massively increasing benefits massively, yet that is what he wants to do. A party that is not serious about controlling welfare is not serious about controlling the deficit either.

    Edward Miliband:
    From the first part of his answer, it seems the Prime Minister is claiming to be Robin Hood; I really do not think that is going to work. He is not taking from the richest and giving to everybody else. Didn’t the Business Secretary give it away in what he said about the autumn statement? He said:“what happened was some of their donors,”—we know who he is talking about—“very wealthy people, stamped their feet”,
    so the Conservatives scrapped the mansion tax and went ahead with the 50p tax cut. They look after their friends—the people on their Christmas card list. Meanwhile, they hit people they never meet, and whose lives they will never understand.

    For the full article please got to Commons Hansard at:


    Or watch it here, at approx 38mins in:

    It seems to me that no one, including the news, picked up on that sentence that Mr Cameron said.....

    Thanks for reading!

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    Apparently that is what he said, as one newspaper had stated, "a Freudian Slip". I am also surprised no one has picked up on any of this too.

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    Probably the only words of truth he has uttered since coming to power

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    Which paper was that in please? I'd like to look it up online....

    You're definitely not wrong! But what an admission!!!

    I've not seen anything in the media about it, it seems that everyone else has hushed up about it! And I and one other person, (whom I don't know) have mentioned it to sky news in comments boxes, so I know that they know.


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