Hi All, Bit of a longshot and to be honest seems most apt forum to place and ask comments!

Have a 3 seater manual recliner (3-4 years old) and found on Sunday morning, my seat, right hand side, failed to 'recline'! Simple reason being
I actually heard the cable snap when I pulled tha manual handle. I need to have my legs raised as often as poss or whenever I am seated due to
medical reasons, as I am sure many of us are, and was reason for choice of sofa!

However, the only group I can find that assist are company called Homeserve, who cover whole of UK and are quoting a sum of £90 + VAT to
replace and fit new handle and cable! We actually went back to where we purchased sofa a local company to see if they could assist, they couldn't,
but advised that we should look to pay around £40-60 for what should be a 10 minute job (have to agree after watching no of videos showing how
job can be done, if personally fit enough to do so!) Also mentioned that it would be more than likely a company called Homeserve that would attend as
they (homeserve) also deal with high street shops such as SCS, DFS and the like, who would in all likelihood contract any repair jobs to Homeserve!

If anybody has had this happen, they will know that the cable itself is similar to a brake cable & again cannot get over the quote fo best part of £120
which is pretty much 25% of what the sofa cost originallly!

Just looking for any advice or words of comfort if have no other choice but to bite bullet & pay! Has anybody attempted this repair themselves & if so,
how did you go?

Many thanks for reading & allowing to get off chest :-)