Are local GP practise has 8770 +patient, last year it showed on 5 practising GP, however it has been extremely difficult to book an appointment 5 weeks being the normal, this year things have got much worse, only one GP is showing up on the onsite booking, this being the new GP to the practise, the other GP's are nowhere to be seen and only sign the prescriptions, it would appear the new GP is carrying out all the appointments.

The situation has now got worse, you cannot book a GP appointments online as there are no appointment for the full month. Yesterday my wife popped in because Boots the chemist could obtain my repeat prescription from the GP practise, she overhead several old people asking to see the GP as they could not book online or over the phone, they we informed by the GP surgery ' they only have one GP and they would have to come into the practise daily to see if there are any available appointments'.

I am ok at present, but can you imagine the poor disabled patients who need GP notes for their benefits?, looking online several people have complained and been taken of the books and need to find another practise.