Hi All,

I'm writing to pass on some information about the new Keywing key turner (www.thekeywing.com) which makes keys much easier to find, grip and turn. They are a great help and must have for anyone with arthritis in their hands or weak hand grip.


The new design won an innovation award from the Design Council UK and a grant from charity Versus Arthritis. It is now being welcomed by OT's and Hand Therapists across the UK as an improved alternative to the existing cumbersome large blue key turner products. They are now also expanding retail opportunities internationally.


Free samples are available to recommending practitioners to show to clients or to have on display at any Independent Living Centre - just get in touch via contact@thekeywing.com.

There are also a few interesting blogs on the design journey, story behind why and how it was invented, and experience engaging with arthritis groups across the UK. They can be seen here: www.thekeywing.com/blogs/news