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Thread: Accessible bathroom design and build, West London

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    Accessible bathroom design and build, West London


    I'm new here - first post. Be nice to me!

    I'm posting as I am trying to help a friend who is slowly getting more and more disabled. We are at a stage where we'd like to speak to people who can design and build an accessible bathroom for him. He's in West London, just by Hyde Park. The bill would be paid privately.

    I've discovered that finding a company who will provide a design and design and build service, who covers this part of London, who will take private work (i.e. not council-funded) and who answers their 'phone is harder than you'd possibly imagine. I have a few more google-found websites to try but if anyone has any recommendations then I'd be very glad to hear them.

    Any suggestions? Please let me know or send me a private message.



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    Give these guys a call :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number7 View Post
    Number 7,

    Thanks. I tried them a few days ago and they don't cover the area (Central London).

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    I'm guessing the Company will play ball if your friend can provide private parking ?

    Quote from their Website :

    "Where We Work
    Based in Enfield, Middlesex for 17 years, we can easily reach projects throughout London and the Home Counties, whether for individuals, commercial organisations or local authorities."

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    I'm not sure what you mean be accessible.
    This can mean anything from a roll in shower with seat or one with ceiling tracking hoist, maybe? a clos-o-mat toilet, lowered wash basin?
    I would think most plumbers/bathroom fitters would be able to accomodate a basic accessible bathroom with roll in shower and seat if needed, grab rails to toilet ( clos-o-mat may need specialist company? } and shower area and of course a lowered wash basin.
    They would obviously need to be aware of the turn around space needed.
    It must be very frustrating for you to be experiencing these problems. I hope you find someone soon x
    Sea Queen

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