Claire S, Social Sciences Department Brunel University, is looking for a small number of physically disabled adults (this can be ANY physical disability) to take part in a short interview or video call exploring levels of participation in physical activity, and views towards taking part. We’d like to know the “dos the don’ts”, the “whys and why nots” and the positives and negatives all to do with exercise within the disabled population.

I don’t participate in any physical activities; do you still want to hear from me?
Of course! We’d like to hear from people who participate at all levels, from fitness fanatics to those who have never participated at all.

What will I have to do?
Take part in a 20-40 minute recorded interview that will be arranged at your convenience in a location of your choice or via video call. You will be asked questions such as your opinion on physical activity and how often you participate.

If you’re 18+ years old and interested in contributing to new research at Brunel University please contact Claire S (Lead researcher) for more information on:
Phone: 07800892714
Or reply to this post.

Thanks to all for your interest and help!