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Thread: dentist and reasonable adjustments

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    dentist and reasonable adjustments

    Well this afternoon I had to make a trip into central Manchester for a hygiene appointment with Rachel. Well we all know parking is a bummer but luckily I found a parking bay near to my destination. The reason why I use this practice is because it's accessible and they make reasonable adjustments by allowing my hygienist to use a ground floor room instead of the basement where she is normally based.

    I'm not sure of best practice when professionals carry out their work even when addressing you as Mr xxxx.
    My hygienist is gowned up with cap, googles and face mask - even I wear glasses. I get on the automatic riser and incliner bench which she adjusts to a height and angle that suits her. A TV hovers above your head which is tuned to a pop music channel - the music is turned down low.

    Let's face it - it's quite intimate being a hygienist. she prefers to work from the top of your head looking into your mouth. They have to negotiate a suction tube, mirror and scrapper i one hand - very impressive. Our noses are about four inches apart and I find it quite relaxing the fact she needs to nestle her ample bosom on my forehead in order to get closer to see what she's doing. To her it's second nature to maneuver her bosom to a place where they are comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as it feels very therapeutic and calming. I just wondered if she has the same approach with women patients. And at teaching class when she was learning her craft - I wonder if the settling of the boobs on the clients forehead was a standard procedure or is it one she has developed to retain her customers. If the latter is the case then who cares - looking forward to seeing her again in April. lol.

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    Send me address of dentist please....i need to register lol!!!!!

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    by heck could of done with this sort of dentist over here.

    when i went, i asked if things had changed over the years, told of course only to have the dentist nearly on top of me trying to drill a back tooth

    haven't been back for a bit since then.

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