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Thread: A question for a freind

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    A question for a freind

    Yes it really is for a friend.
    They have been like us very lucky to get some backpay for the ESA wrong payment cock up .They didn't get as much as us but it is in the 1000s.They would like to know if they could claim back any council tax rent and prescriptions that they have had to pay and if so how would they go about it?
    We were lucky because we own or house so no need to pay rent.
    Any help would I could pass on to them will be appreciated.
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    Prescription/dental charges, Full Housing Benefit, CTR, etc. has always been a known complication, because those are run by the council and the NHS not by the DWP.

    The problem is why should the councils and NHS be 'penalised' by suddenly have to start making backpayments (that they can't afford) simply because the DWP cocked up in the past?

    And if course the DWP say those payments are nothing to do with them. (Which is strictly correct, but not realy playing fair).

    AFAIK there has been a lot of discussion and hand wringing - but no decision on what, if anything, to do about it.

    My opinion is that someone is going to have to sue the DWP for compensation due to losing those 'benefits' and so set a legal precedent.
    (If it's going to happen the Leigh-Day will no doubt lead it, they are the ones who got compensation for SDP being lost and are still fighting for full compensation).

    Until then it's a case of 'hard luck' with no way to get anything back.
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    sorry to but in. im waiting to see if my PIP decision gets reversed so would i be entitled to the rent i have paid due to benefit cap.

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    Thanks Nuke .I’ll show my friends your reply rather than me trying to explain it

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