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Thread: Further benefit cuts, freeze on increases for jobless!

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    Post Further benefit cuts, freeze on increases for jobless!

    Nasty Osbourne and his merry gang are wanting more cuts to welfare benefits by now freezing benefits for those out of work!

    In the article Ian Duncan Smith is again having a right old stab for those claiming benefits.

    This announcement comes at a time when Johnson is wanting a further cut in the super rich pockets of 30 pence tax rate.
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    Typical Tory agenda, keep the rich richer whilst making the poor and disabled suffer even further. I am at loggerheads with the incapacity benefits office (DWP) my family member required a home visit (DV) as alike he had with the DLA, ATOS requested that he send medical evidence for them to accept, if a home visit is warranted with his case. He had to send them a doctors letter, stating his illness's along with up to date prescription details, just for them to send their doctor for my relation to be medically assessed.....(DUH) he's already on incapacity benefits, though now stopped!!?? due to the fact he could not afford the then 20 charged by his His GP for the privileged of writing this letter, which will be from my relations medical files! yet the case is still on going, he has had to take out a crisis loan to live on. DWP wish to change this system, now the poor pay for it. the NHS are his GP's employers and our National insurance, pay the NHS. Merry go rounds at Christmas. Now we know, the DWP along with NI, along with NHS are now there, to take more money from those whom are least able, to afford these obscene charges.

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    This was on bbc news this morning and Osbourne excuse for this possible benefit freeze is that he said 'we all have to share the burden'! (well some of us by the look of things )
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    The proverbial shit will hit the proverbial fan if they start cutting or stopping completely the DLA for a lot of us.I'm relieved to know the rich are going to have to do their bit-only 3 foreign holidays a year and the old champers only 6 days a week.Interesting that "national treasure"(is this code for "ponce"?) Stephen Fry, is extolling the virtues of Claridges on the telly this week.And they say it's only the Yanks who don't get irony.

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    Osborne's Autumn statement comes out on 5 December. He'll say that the 'deficit' has been reduced by 25% but they never talk about the 'National Debt' which is 50 times bigger.

    Last April benefits went up by 5.2% based on CPI not RPI. Many workers had a pay freeze which equates to a pay drop. Inflation was running at about 2.2% in September. Benefit s normally rise by the inflation rate given in September.

    I'd be disappointed if DLA doesn't go up by inflation as if we had a choice we wouldn't want to be disabled in the first place.

    I noticed my former place of work will be asking 900 staff for voluntary redundancies that's after a cull 18 months ago when 2000 left.

    What is wrong with this country in my opinion.
    The bankers took advantage of their position by dealing recklessly knowing that if their bank failed we, the tax payers, would bail them out.

    This country relied heavily on the financial square mile to generate the countries income. This has now dried up as 45% of the finance world as moved out of this country so there's less money generated.

    Who do we trade with
    Our main trading parters are in Europe - enough said as most European countries have nearly gone bust so they aren't importing stuff. We should get out of the EU and start trading with new emerging markets like India, Brazil, Mexico and Africa where there is growth in their economy.

    What industries does this country have.
    Good question - we import more goods that we export. China sends over a cargo ship of containers
    full of consumer goods for sale. The container ships return to China with Britain's biggest commodity - 'fresh air' because we don't physically make anything. We need entrepreneurs to set new companies up and create jobs - we need to export stuff to expand and grow the economies wealth.

    Will building new roads and homes help boost the economy
    It would create new jobs and homes. But because we don't have the money to do this the government will issue 'bonds' similar to IOUs which will lead to inflation and increase our National debt for future generations.

    Education, education, education
    This country lives in a global economy so our children have to compete with children from other countries to get decent jobs. Our education system is failing the students in this country. We need more scientists, physicists and engineers to create things that other countries want to buy.

    The Welfare Benefit
    It's probably the best safety net in the world. But people take advantage of this countries good nature. Like many years ago I visited West Africa - having taped water was considered a luxury. If a foreigner was wearing white socks they thought he was rich. You could trade hand crafted gifts for ball point pens. Whole families would live in shanty towns by the road edge - their home consisted of wooden planks crudely pinned together with a corrugated iron stuck on roof. In our developed world the poor still expect flat screen TVs, Sky TV and the latest mobile phone.

    Everything is relative - we may think we're hard done by in this country but try living in Africa with no welfare and you'd soon realise however bad things get in this country they really aren't that bad in comparison to a third world country - it's my way off putting things in perspective.

    It's a good job I always look on the bright side whatever the situation - I always like a glass half full not half empty as there's not a lot I can do to create jobs or make things right..
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    in a world of my own ...
    Quote Originally Posted by jaicee58 View Post
    ... if they start cutting or stopping completely the DLA for a lot of us ...
    Erm, you are aware that DLA is being scrapped and that everyone will be moved to a much more pruned and austere PIP?

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    Well today Osbourne is going to announce his plans on squeeze of welfare so watch out people, plus he also announced that his austerity if they get in again would continue up to 2018!!!

    says he is going to spread the burden so far it has been endless cuts of 3 years to welfare and vital services and not much else.

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    The move will not affect pensioners.

    To damn right it doesn't!! When I see a young family trying to cope with a life on out of work benefits it nearly reduces me to tears - yet then I see a couple in their mid 60's who both have a bit of arthritis are handed in excess of 500 a week in means tested Pension Credit payments - ignoring any housing or council tax benefit that are also paid on top - it infuriates me!!

    The move will not affect pensioners. - why is that so? For the sake of sanity, how can this inequality be allowed to carry on?

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    THe reason it doesnt affect pensioners is because they are key to voting, the Tories would lose more votes if pensioners started loing part of their pension. Osbourne doesnt want this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTCELT88 View Post
    THe reason it doesnt affect pensioners is because they are key to voting, the Tories would lose more votes if pensioners started loing part of their pension. Osbourne doesnt want this.
    Maybe, but it is still wrong! I know one pensioner couple - same ages as myself and my wife (68 & 63) that actually receive over 500 a week in state pensions and pension credit, don't pay any council tax (31 a week) and receive nearly 110 a week in housing benefit.
    A total of nearly 650 a week and they still grumble that they are now finding it hard to cover the cost of their annual foreign holiday. Makes me bloody sick!

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