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Thread: Beware Scam from Transcom Worldwide uk Ltd

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    What's buying things off eBay got to do with it?

    They're just phishing, don't respond, and don't call that number. In fact I would report them to trading standards if they send you anything further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by susieboots View Post
    In the first instance you should send out a letter requesting them to produce the original Agreement or anything with your signature upon it.

    Enclose a Postal Order for £1 and give them 30 days to respond.

    Clearly, in most cases, there will be no Agreement, and you will either never hear again, or a short, curt letter stating they have closed their file.

    If you are ever in doubt with these letters, and believe you don't owe a debt, you should always, always ask them to prove the debt. No photocopied Agreement, must be original.

    If over 6 years, the alleged debt is statute barred in any event.

    If you are unsure about how to word your letter, download the template from Moneysaving expert. I have a template in my computer, however, I don't know how to put it on here. Any ideas you techies?
    I recieved some of this type of letter before, I was advised to just ignore it and theyll soon give up and NOT to enter into any form of communication.Just ignoreit completely

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    Well of course, if you don't have an Ebay account or haven't purchased anything on Ebay of that price then theres no reason why you should be fooled into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeydt1 View Post
    Just a little thing for anyone getting calls like these, i was getting swamped with these pests and have now got something called CPR call blocker, it is only 30 some pounds, was a bit skeptical but it does work at cutting these callers out and the site is acting on behalf of Police Met.

    might come in handy to block those pesty Atos lot
    You shouldn't need to pay for this survive. You can use the telephone preference service for free

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    Quote Originally Posted by andypandy View Post
    You shouldn't need to pay for this survive. You can use the telephone preference service for free
    The TPS system and its regulations are frequently ignored by loads of companies AP.

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    I've never had any unwanted calls since joining SFU, perhaps I'm just lucky ? But then I NEVER give my landline number out, always mobile and if I don't know who is ringing I don't answer it. I only have a landline because my parents refuse to ring my mobile. That reminds me I had a text a couple of days ago it said

    "We have been trying to contact you urgently, please ring us on this number"

    Yeah right, do they think I'm stupid !!!

    Whoever "they" are that is !

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    I have an open FOS case against ebay/paypal complete with Case Number etc but despite my continually reminding them of it and asking them to let FOS do their job I still get 'phone calls and threatening letters from Transcom warning me that "doorstep callers are on their way".
    Does anyone know if this amounts to harassment?

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    I too have received 3 letters from Transcom about a debt I had with ebay. I tried to telephone them but the number was always 'busy'.
    I then emailed them after reading comments posted on this website, asking if this was a scam or for real? No reply! Do not deal with any company that does not accept a cheque! I contacted ebay and settled my outstanding bill. The reason being my bank changed my debit card after overseas fraud (cloned). I live overseas. My advice is to deal directly with the company that they are supposedly representing, that way you can find out if it is a genuine claim against you!!

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    Hi I also received one of these today...not sure if I owe this debt or not only £40 but anyway if I did it would of been in my maiden name not married name which is the name they have used. Also the phone number on the letter (which is photocopied) is different to the phone number on their website!

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    Ignore it.--------------

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