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Thread: Beware Scam from Transcom Worldwide uk Ltd

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    Beware Scam from Transcom Worldwide uk Ltd

    FRAUD ALERT !!!!!!!!
    I have just received a Notice of Debt Collection from a company called TRANSCOM WORLDWIDE LTD asking for 98.79 for "unpaid item to Ebay". This is a SCAM.
    I do not owe them anything.
    To check this is a SCAM LETTER, check out the following :
    - Logo of the company incl VAT number, (always in colour),
    - The payment slip should be Tearable (this one is clearly a photocopy),
    - The method of payment should be cash/ cheque/ postal order. This letter clearly states "Amount Due - standard fee payable at PO counter" then under the paymentbos CHEQUE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Be careful when you receive this kind of letter, do your research before parting with your cash !!!!

    I have looked on different websites such as Martin Lewis's one and this Transcom digs out some "old debts" and try to make people pay.

    In my case, Ebay does not even know about this debt.
    If you eer come across this letter let the police know and tell them that you are a victim of "attempted fraud". Looks like there are plenty of complaints
    I have complained to the Daily Mirror, Trading Standards and Ebay. This money is better in our pocket than theirs.

    Hope this will help.

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    This is not a scam as i received one and i do owe them money and the features you listed were the same on my invoice.

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    I have spoken to the police today who have confirmed that Transcom has got very odd practice. My only advice is to contact the company they are claiming on the behalf with to make sure that you really owe them any money. 9 times out of 10 the money is not owed or over 6 years old and therefore "Statute" and not owed.

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    Does the 6 year rule include banks/building societys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by galeforce81 View Post
    Does the 6 year rule include banks/building societys?
    6 year rule counts if no contact go to they can advise much better

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    How do we know that the person who is claiming it is not a scam isn't the scammer or involved with it?

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    It is a legit company but as mLV stated their tactics are dubious.

    I received a letter from them in September, a notice for collection of debts owed (350), I used Martin Lewis's site to get some company info and they suggested to ignore the first letter which I did.

    I then received a second letter in late October which I replied to with this 'template letter for debt you do not owe' from the National Debtline.

    I gave them 28 days to respond with the evidence that the debt was mine, they responded a week later stating that they bought the debt from a 3rd party and they will chase them up.

    I haven't received anything since.

    Note: I also checked my credit history with all 3 of the major companies (Experian, Equifax and CallCredit see for more info) and noted that there was nothing outstanding on them.

    The company is basically trying to tie debt to you that may have been from someone who once lived in your house or has used your address for correspondence. We moved house 4 years ago and this debt is apparently tied to that address - but at the time I lived with my brother and several of his ex's. I believe the debt was one of theirs (some sort of women's clothes catalogue).
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    Also received letter from Transcom Worldwide (UK) Limited. Thanks MLV for the information as the letter is definitely a photocopy with the only options for payment - by phone or cash at Post Office. Absolute extortion! I phoned OFT and they are going to investigate them. They want a large amount from me for a credit card I never had and dates back to 1995. (18 years ago). I spoke to Transcom and requested proof. Letter received March 2013. If anyone receives a letter from them ask for proof and tell them you will handover to lawyers.

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    hi paul please can you help me i received a letter from transcom worldwide ltd for a debt of 435.85 it did not say what company the bill was for so i did what you did i ignored the first letter as i had no clue to what this was then i recieved another saying failure to take action before the 25th april will result in recovery i replied to with the template lettter for debt you do not owe over a week ago and i have now recieved one back saying for orange an account number then we have requested statements from our client,please note orange do not retain copies of the original agreement as there is no regulatory act that requires them to do so , being a service agreement for provision of airtime and/or telephone handset/equipment. then they go on to say if you believe this account to be fraudulent contact police. now i no its orange i did get a orange account but it was 9 years ago or more i had it for a few years but i have no dealings with his for over 6 years now i can not tell beacause i do not have any paperwork or they have not provided me with any spersific dates also my son has the same name and it could be possible that he has done this it would not be the first time. anyway if you could advise me what to do next i will be very greatfull thanks

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    Just a little thing for anyone getting calls like these, i was getting swamped with these pests and have now got something called CPR call blocker, it is only 30 some pounds, was a bit skeptical but it does work at cutting these callers out and the site is acting on behalf of Police Met.

    might come in handy to block those pesty Atos lot

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