People with disabilities aren’t always getting the help they need on board ferries and cruise ships – and they may not always realise they’re entitled to it.

Now the Maritime & Coastguard Agency is carrying out a survey to find out just what people’s experiences have been, so they can work with owners and operators to improve the service.

An initial pilot survey showed that only half of disabled people using ferries felt they were getting the assistance they needed, while on cruise ships they felt they were better looked after, with 70 per cent saying they were happy with how they’d been treated.

Unsurprisingly, it’s those with disabilities that can’t be seen quite so well that feel worse off.

Now a second bigger survey is being carried out to try and get a wider picture and people with disabilities are being urged to take that survey.

Danny Light, passenger rights enforcement officer for the MCA said it showed there was more work to be done. He said: ‘It was clear from our initial pilot survey that actually people don’t necessarily know their rights or in some cases what assistance is available. We will be working with the industry to see how we can best help raise awareness. But we really need people to come forward and tell us about their experiences as that will help add to the evidence. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their experience on board a cruise ship or be able to easily use a ferry, regardless of whether they have a disability or not.’

The survey is available at