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Thread: Mobility Scooter and Dash-cam

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    Lightbulb Mobility Scooter and Dash-cam

    My father is a mobility scooter user and a couple of days ago he was involved in an altercation with a white van driver who argued that it was my fathers fault. I myself use a dash-cam in my car to stop and arguments as to fault or blame and wonder if anyone has used or uses or had any experience at all using a dashcam setup on a mobility scooter? Is there a purpose made dash-cam or similar (if not, why not?). I will be very surprised if no-one has had the same experience of blame in the past. Many thanks for any help or pointers or just discussion on this issue. Kind regards Roland in Barnsley

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    Many cyclists have a camera mounted on their helmets or elsewhere to record crashes, near misses, and incidents, I don't see any reason why one (or more) of those could not be mounted on a mobility scooter.

    As they are meant for cyclists/motorcyclists they are weatherproof, which most in car dashcams won't be.

    Here's just a few:
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    Here at Remap we can help you fix a dash-cam such as nukecad suggests to your scooter/powerchair whatever.

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    Mobility Scooter and Dash cam

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