Due to increased demand for its training sessions and accessible bath demonstrations, Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions has launched a new educational vehicle for the benefit of healthcare professionals nationwide.

Part of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group, Abacus is a trusted specialist manufacturer of power-assisted baths for disabled adults and children. Its proven solutions with multiple ergonomic features, such as hi-lo functionality and bather transfer seats, provide safe and dignified bathing along with improved moving and handling for carers.


To complement its leading baths such as the Gemini 2000, Abacus provides an ongoing educational programme for healthcare professionals which involves free CPD workshops and Lunch & Learn product demonstrations. These engaging and informative sessions continue to grow in popularity with Occupational Therapists (OTs) and frontline care professionals keen to learn more about appropriate bathing. Therefore, Abacus has invested in a new demonstration vehicle so that baths and specialist accessories can be presented in a more efficient manner. In addition, during client home assessments, this vehicle provides the means to evaluate individual bather and carer needs in a more private and effective manner. Specialist baths can be trialled in full so that product suitability and familiarity is maximised for users and all involved with their care.

For professionals Abacus provides a flexible training programme which can be tailored to the needs of individual care teams in the public and private sector. Many NHS Adult and Children Services have already benefited from attending an Abacus training session with more enquiries being received every day. Abacus Regional Assessment Managers are supported by the respected OT Kate Sheehan and her team from The OT Service so that clinical theory is combined with practical hands-on product interaction. With the new Abacus demonstration van, professionals will have easier access to equipment and information – gaining greater knowledge for everyday practice. On board, Abacus baths are presented in-situ within a bathroom environment, so factors such as administering personnel care, transfers and safe working heights can be demonstrated.

Peter Eckhardt, CEO, Gainsborough Healthcare Group, comments: "Our investment in this new demonstration vehicle underlines our commitment to supporting healthcare professionals through education. It will facilitate a more rewarding and engaging experience for OTs with greater access to our baths and our recommendations regarding accessible bathroom design. We understand care teams are under immense pressure with high workloads and little time, hence this vehicle maximises convenience for them as we can deliver training at any location of their choice. Our training sessions empower professionals to deliver more informed decisions regarding assisted bathing and we are proud that our new vehicle enhances this opportunity." Read more...