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Thread: Wheelchair tuning and modification

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    Wheelchair tuning and modification

    Which sub forum would be most appropriate to post in? I do some interesting stuff that usually costs next to nothing. I am a retired engineer. I am not looking for work, just banter and to possible help others. Recent project was to scratch-proof a chair and fit off-road tyres and oversized front casters. For about 35

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    Probably the equipment sub-forum?

    TBH no one is realy that bothered where posts are made, apart from the suppliers and survey/research forums.

    It's nice if they are in the relevant sub-forum but they'll get read anyway wherever they are.
    For instance I always just hit the 'new posts' button and read everything that has been posted since my last visit.
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    Cheers! will take some pics when I have these casters fitted.

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    Would be nice to see. I'm on a FB group where ppl often ask @ bags, cupholders and even headrests and cushion. Your welcome to join

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