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Thread: Award PIP Enhanced and Blind

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    Award PIP

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to post an update and share that it's possible being blind.

    I got the dreaded letter this morning and thankfully all is done, I got enhanced rates. It feels like the lottery especially without an F-2-F interview, my evidence must have been very strong enough to make a decision.

    Although, I'm over the moon especially with 18 points for Daily Living, it's still a litle annoying to not get points I feel I should have got on some or the descriptiors.

    Preparing food: I was awareded 4 points - e. Needs supervision or assistance to either prepare or cook a simple meal. Yet, I cannot prepare and cook a simple meal safely and I wrote 400 words on that.

    Managing therapy: I was awarded 0 points. Yet, I feel by not being able to see / read names of my 5 eye-drops I use different shaped coloured boxes and elastic bands as aids to help me visually tell the difference. So shouldn't have this been 1 point for the use an aid or appliance to be able to manage medication?

    Managing toilet needs: I was awarded 0 points. However, this has been dicussed by RNIB too that getting to the actual toliet is not included consideration in the descriptor. Although, I did argue needing assistsance outdoor / public toliets.

    Dressing and undressing: I was awarded 0 points. Yet, I use a pen-friend to tell me what colour or brand or size of clothing it is. 2 points is if needing to use an aid or appliance to be able to dress or undress.

    Making budgeting decisions: I was awarded 0 points. Yet, I struggle to access the nformation if it's written down. I can't read bank statements, I can't see ATM machines, I can't see prices in shops or what change I've been given etc. Help from another person will almost always be required, even for simple tasks like double-checking the food bill, using the chip-and-pin machines to using online banking.

    Nevertheless again I'm happy to have came out the other side of this as you all know, the whole process can been very hard.

    As much as I'd like to contact RNIB and tackle an appeal with their support to get more points, it would probably be the most pointless act and waste of time.

    My claim says ongoing basis, so would you agree the best possible award is done with and I should move on with what I've got instead of upseting the nest even further?

    I thank this forum so much for sharing your thoughts and expereinces, it's incredible and I'm sharing this to hopefully give others hope that it's possible.

    TThank You
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    Getting an ongoing award and enhanced too is the best it can possibly be so arguing for extra points serves no purpose. I don't know if an appeal would even be accepted in those circumstances. I'd stick with what you have and not risk upsetting the apple cart just on a point of principle. Congratulations on the award

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    I agree, there is no point in appealing when you already have the best that you can get.

    As noisynoodle says the court would probably not even accept an appeal because it would not, could not, increase your award.
    It would be a waste of everyones time and money.

    We understand how annoying it can be not to get the points you think you should have done, most people think that they didn't get all the points they should.

    But unless the extra points would give you an higher award then there is nothing realy to appeal, after all it's the overall award itself that counts not what the individual points were scored for.
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    Perhays the assessor didn't bother with those other discriptors knowing there was absolutely no point at all in looking at those areas.
    Be happy.

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    Hi, could I ask, what sections did you get the 18 points, and are you a guide dog/cane user please.

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