Would have gone on holiday last week but due to incompetence of LA, we cancelled going ruining it????
Earlier in year had a mini break nearer home, SW was supposed to organise weeks care for us!
SW only asked the relevant agency two days before we went! So were left without care for two days of
holiday manager came on third day of holiday (temporary) and had care for rest of the week
Yes put a complaint in! But of course bullshit response! ‘It’s very unusual to arrange ‘short term care’!!!
Couldn’t believe there answer! Has no one in this LA ever had care on a break somewhere else!?
Our home carers were surprised, saying themselves how they look after people in our area on holiday!
Weeks holiday does not make any difference, ‘Keep you in a box’!i myself can ring anywhere in the
Country find an agency for week at a time, when commenting about what our LA said, these agencies
ALL said no problem booking as little as a week: ????