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Thread: Public toiletts

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    Public toiletts

    Does anybody know how to try to get a law passed to force councils to keep toilets open, so they cannot close them, as it poses a health risk to find human waste around the countryside?

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    Write to your local council first. Or your MP

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    Without getting all forensic science here - how do you KNOW its human and not doggie ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddivine View Post
    Without getting all forensic science here - how do you KNOW its human and not doggie ??
    My dog does not use paper or such things as paper

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    I’d agree on the need for more public toilets, but I cannot say I have encountered what you describe.

    (Thank God for supermarkets and McD’s for being open with nice loos)

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    We live in the highland in Scotland and you can drive easy 50 miles in the winter finding all toilets closed, in the summer you look at about 30 miles minimum-till say, a supermarket or toilets or a village hall, I suffer from Crohn's and my wife has got no stomach due to cancer and we need quite often a toilet at very short notice, but it is a lot of tourists which get caught short, but it is a disgrace council closing lots of toilets to save cash!

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    The problem is, who is going to pay for 24 hr toilet opening ? Our lacal bus station toilets are only open 8am - 6pm due to council cut backs & vandalism. I know of others that have closed due to homosexual activity & drug use.
    Not alway's the council's fault.
    I see more & more shops etc now displaying notices that toilets are only for their cutomers.

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    Cyberfruits this must be terrible for you both - just a thought but is moving house an option so you can both be nearer facilities.

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    It is not a statutory requirement for local authorities to provide public toilets.

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