Kate Sheehan, Director of The OT Service, will highlight how safer sitting and standing can be achieved with the recently launched SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat at the latest Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conference.

Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conference (OTAC). Cambridge, Hallmark Hotel, Bar Hill, Cambridge. CB23 8EU. 12th June 2019, 9am – 4pm. Stand T21.

Following 10 years of development by Life Assistant Limited, SitnStand is the world's first portable device that solves a common problem for people living with restricted mobility – safe and independent standing transfers. It is a product that provides a unique solution in the community, for residential care settings and equipment loan stores. As it is portable the SitnStand can be used with any type of chair, in any situation and in any location. This provides a new level of flexibility for users as independence can be extended outside of the home and away from dependency on a permanent and singular rise and recliner chair. The well-being and lifestyle benefits of this solution are endless and Kate Sheehan will be explaining these, along with her clinical endorsement, at OTAC Cambridge.

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Kate will be available on stand T21 to demonstrate the SitnStand and explain how its ergonomic design has been carefully considered to maximise convenience and safety. SitnStand compromises of a battery powered platform which can be positioned on a chair and raised or lowered through air driven technology. Its lightweight construction facilitates easy transportation – enhanced by a highly manageable carry case resulting in standing independence anywhere. When deflated SitnStand allows users to still experience uncompromised comfort in the chair of their choice. Not only does this pioneering innovation support users, it also reduces musculoskeletal strain for carers responsible for aiding residents in and out of chairs in care homes or hospitals.

The SitnStand has already generated significant interest from healthcare professionals and organisations visiting OTAC events such as the Devon County Council Independent Living Centre: "One of our favourite gadgets at OTAC was the SitnStand – an inflatable, portable rising seat that can be used on any chair and assists the person to rise from the chair. It packs neatly into a carry case, so it can be used when out and about as well as at home....the lift from sit to stand is steady and smooth."

With over 30 years’ occupational therapy experience, including acute and community care, Kate Sheehan, has recognised SitnStand as the ideal assistive solution for continued enablement in the community and re-enablement after care. At OTAC Cambridge, Kate will discuss supporting purposeful occupation in relation to sitting and standing and share her professional opinions with delegates throughout the day. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to meet Gal Goldner, SitnStand Co-Founder, and to try for themselves this remarkable solution that delivers a revolution in independent safe standing. Read more...

Product video: https://tinyurl.com/yykc3osp