Hi All, As title says, we're after advice on a 3 or 4 day trip to Amsterdam.

Looking to go around middle of June as this is 12 months post stem cell transplant to 'concrete' a new chemotherapy treatment especially researched for type of cancer I was diagnosed with 18 months ago (whilst I was receiving radiotherapy for relapse of Lymphoma!) & we told to 'prepare for the worst'! So, still here :-) & it is also to celebrate both 50th birthdays.

Up to this point, we have looked online and understand there are many 'areas' around the centre of Amsterdam, & this is a part of this post! Looking for a hotel, for a couple for 3-4 nights, which will allow us to visit main areas & see main tourist points (?) (not including the red light area/similar! although we would have to take a walk down main street in day light hours 'for the experience'). Maybe help if I added 1 of my problems is my mobility, although not wheelchair bound, yet.

Wondering if best booking by ourselves (hence reason for advice/recommendations for hotels) as our flights can be booked quite easily. However, bearing this in mind, is it advisable to still book with travel agent even though this could incur higher cost?

Hoping somebody can throw some advice this way and if any added info needed, always happy to elaborate.

Many, many thanks for reading.