Those who have lost their SDP during Natural Migration to UC may be interested in this.

You are probably already aware that the govenments plans for compensation and ongoing transitional payments will not be the full amount lost.

Leigh Day (the solicitors who got this loss of SDP with no protection ruled unlawful) are now processing claims as a group action for the backpayment of all the money lost, full ongoing TP, and payment for damages/distress.

We will be seeking damages for the full amount of Severe Disability Premium and/or Enhanced Disability Premium lost since your claim for Universal Credit was made, these are known as ‘pecuniary damages’.
We will also be claiming what is known as ‘non-pecuniary damages’ for mental suffering, distress, anxiety, humiliation and disruption to life, which will be based on the upheaval and inconvenience caused by the move to Universal Credit and any deterioration in your health as a result.
They will take on your case on a 'no win no fee' basis.
Their fee will be 25% +vat of any ‘non-pecuniary damages’ that you get, (not from the backpay or ongoing TP you keep those in full).

BTW. The governments compensation plans should be read into law before June - they are included in the Transitional Regulations which have to be passed before they can start the Pilot of Managed Migration.
When they will actually start paying is of course another question.