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Thread: Kitchen Worktop

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    Kitchen Worktop

    Hi all,
    I'm a wheelchair user and I am having some work done in the kitchen mainly widening doors. i was thinking of getting a rise and fall worktop fitted so I can do more cooking/food preparation. The cost of getting a standard rise and fall kitchen worktop is over 1500 and I was thinking of getting a joiner to put together a worktop using a rise and fall desk frame like this one and was wondering what you think about this idea. The woktop will only be 140cm wide enough for me to get my wheelchair under it and mess about in the kitchen again. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    If you are redesigning your kitchen you can get kitchen worktops that are designed to be raised or lowered.

    Check out Howdens

    The units come ready made not in a flat pack.

    I would advise getting 3 draw pan base units to store stuff in as trying to get to the back of a base unit from a wheelchair is tricky.

    Also look into lever taps for ease of use.

    Worktops - look for roll-top edges that are rounded not square, Howdens can supply 4 inch splash backs that look the same as the worktop surface. Saves you having to tile the wall between work surface and the bottom of any wall units if you has any,

    Lighting is important. If you can get Warm White LED Spots on the ceiling. And for extra effect strip LEDs under the base units by the kick plate or under the wall units for additional light on the worktops.

    Doublele up on the number of plugs you think you need for microwave, kettle, toaster, phone, toothbrush, mixer etc - I have 8 plug points at worktop level - not enough!!

    Hope this helps.

    PS Howdens is for trade but they are great. They'll deliver direct. And most important - if you have forgotten something or broken it they will get a new one to you the same day not 3 weeks later!!

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    Thanks for the reply but at the moment I am on a very tight budget and just need a worktop area I can do some food preparation on, a little cooking on a small induction hob and general things I cannot do comfortably with the normal height worktops. Howdens is very good but also far more expensive sadly.

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    You could also ask Remap if they can help? The charity provides equipment solutions free of charge.

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    Many thanks will look into it further

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