Talk about a waste of resources and incompetent management.

We had a very old hospital knocked down locally and in it's place developers rushed through and built a new Health and Wellbeing Centre.

At the time near to opening the new tenants were due to move in but changed their minds when they saw how much the rent was going to cost.

The NHS CCG has now got to pick up the tab for paying the rental on this 88,000 sq ft building.

So it's costing the NHS local CCG £51,000 a week.

And . . .

Something else I've picked up on is that the developers own the leasehold on the building. In a few years time they'll be planning to sell the Freehold on the building to make a further killing.

So as care services are cut for disabled and older people 'to save money' you get incompetent NHS management staff simply pouring money out of the window. Unbelievable!