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Thread: PIP renewal 2019

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    PIP renewal 2019

    Hi all not posted for a while but been lurking

    Just thought i would give you an update and some insite to what has happened at my renewal this time

    Renewal septemeber 2018
    Got renewal form and completed along with detailed seperate letter to run along side
    Form sent back

    After 3 months of me telephoning atos aka independent assessment service or whatever they call themself now
    Asking for a home assessment that i will be recording i finally got my home assessment on 05/03/2018

    Was not in a good place that day spent most of the assessment in floods of tears, however the assessor was very nice and encoraged me to take breaks

    She was very understanding and the home assessment lasted for around an hour and half maybe less

    Report sent back to dwp on 7th march received a copy on the 9th of march
    After taking the weekend to read through the report i wasnt happy about 3 of the descriptors as it contradicted what the lady put and only scored me lowish cant remeber off hand wjat the scores where
    However after looking at the discriptors she scored me 17 for daily living amd 18 for mobility so it would look like i keep the same award as i am currently getting.
    The 3 things that had contradictions were in

    Washing and bathing

    Dressing and undressing

    And the mobility moving around

    Anyway here is the really weird thing and im hoping someone will know and give advice
    On the monday or tuesday following the weekend i telephoned dwp to question the contradictions in the report amd was told that as the report gave me enhanced at both rates it would be pointless asking for a mandatory recon when a decision is made amd to make a complaint to atos

    I then telephoned the dwp back on the wednesday only to be told that the report has already been sent back to atos for a rework.on the 8th of march literally a day after they had got it from atos

    So i called atos and they told me that it was sent back on the 14th with the recommended amendments that the dwp requested,
    So back i get on the phone to dwp and low and behold the same discriptors i was complaonong about had now been changed to more favourable ie more points on the discriptors that i was complaining about
    So my question really is has anyone come across this before and as i said to the dwp and atos its a coincidence that the discriptors i was questioning for being contradictory has now infact been changed to relflect the correct points
    Now the points are at 20 for daily living and 20 for mobility

    Still awaiting the new amemded report and decision
    Thanks xxx
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    Still no report had to request another one this morning

    Anyone any ideas/advice

    No decision either still with case manager

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    goodness you only had your assessment on march 5th

    I think you need to give them some more time, it can take them several weeks

    try not to worry about the points since they indicate you almost certainly receive the highest possible award

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    Its easier said than done i get extremley distraught when i dont know whats happening amd ive never had my claim audited before was a little sceptical if im honest

    Havent had a assessment yet that i havent had to complain about

    Also just an update had a call back from atos manager
    Who has said this audit/rework was completely random by the dwp strange how the same things i was wueeying they picked up on to but hey at least i dont have to worry so much now
    she has also said that when the dwp ask for a rework/audit the original hp has to abide by the audit request and cannot contest the audits recommendations
    The original hp has apperently been told that her justifications need to be more adaquate as the ones in my report were not so i suppose its good news if a case is to be audited/reworked
    Got amended assessment report on the post today slightly changed worded wise to reflect new discriptors

    Thanks for replying x
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