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Thread: Wife goes to college to see guy about cv and this is what happend

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    Angry Wife goes to college to see guy about cv and this is what happend

    Just to give you some back ground, my wife is my carer who gave work up to look after me and let our daughter goto uni to study as a nurse, so she went to college to do a refresher course on maths but need help on her cv and spoke to some guy called arron.
    My wife took all her certificates and a copy of her cv with all her experience and qualifications from school,college etc, he said that he didn't need to see it as he would do it from scratch and asked a few questions and this is what he came up with.
    One page that had no qualifications or some of the company's she worked for , it made out she had retail experience from working in a voluntary job for heart foundation, and then her last job for last ten years .
    He said that employers have eight seconds to read the cv not minutes etc etc, and said there is no jobs in admin but lots of jobs part time in retail.
    My wife questioned his motives and that the cv was a profile on some one else and he just tweaked it for her, no matter how she tried to tell him that she was a carer and that we was on benefits his reply was that this government are targeting people like you who won't work but stay on benefits and after this year when all the benefits change your husbands dla,ESA will be taken as income and you either work or suffer.
    My wife got up and walked out with tears in her eyes and felt humiliated , as my wife was in charge of surveyors and payments on a industrial insurance company, to day the person she should of seen phoned wanting to know why she hadn't turned up and when she told him he was shocked and said this arron does not work for the college but the job centre .
    We have made a complaint to the college and the job centre .

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    That is truly awful.

    Your daughter's college will have a careers advisor who can help with CVs, or if she is struggling I can help if you need it.
    I've done several CVs for friends and relatives as I did a CV writing course whilst on my degree course.
    If it helps, I can send you mine which she can tweak herself.

    I hope your wife can recover from this person's vile behaviour.
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